3 Reasons for a Sudden Drop in Traffic or Sales

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It is every Marketer's greatest fear. The sudden and surprise drop in website traffic and salespeople saying that warm prospects have suddenly gone cold. Having experienced this myself, it is a phenomenon that can keep a Marketing pro up at night.[...]

How Do I Get More Reviews on Google Maps?

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Business can be a battle, are you ready? Today on Facebook Live, I discussed my four-part system for optimizing reviews. I have had success with this on Google Maps, Indeed and Facebook, but I think it could work for other sites as well, such as Capterra[...]

Marketing Statistics that Will Scare You

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Halloween is coming, the pumpkins are purchased, the decorations are out and the kids are getting ready for the big night. In general, Marketing is a profession that likes to keep things positive. But, for this season I wanted to outline a scary problem.[...]